Unplug from the noisy world and escape to a deserted island. Recharge your mind, body and soul in the serene, untouched archipelago and natural reserve of Koh Totang, Cambodia. Enjoy a nap in your beachside hammock, listen to the Toucans sing, swim through the colourful coral and stare eye to eye with a puffer fish. If you are looking for adventure, take a speargun workshop, a boat trip around the archipelago, or snorkel and/or kayak around the beautiful island. Our restaurant provides ethical and organic food, (no MSG, no Palm Oil) with Khmer and International cuisine; from fresh sashimi to carrot-pumpkin soup, Moroccan dish, homemade garlic bread. Nomads Land is completely off the grid, there is no electricity or running water here. We use 100% solar panels for energy and store rain water for drinking water. We have a small garden, wandering chickens, cashew nut, coconut, and mango trees. This is a secret paradise; come enjoy the luxury of simple life. In Eco We Trust - No Wi-Fi certified

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