The Restaurant

“The food here is absurdly good. I’ve eaten some of the most delicious pad-thais, curries, naan style pizzas and tasty salads of my life at Nomads. The hosts surprise their guests every night with innovative culinary creations and incredible fresh food… the sashimi is the best it gets.” – Levi (volunteer)


The Nomads Land restaurant provides ethical and organic food with local and international cuisine such as Khmer, European, Indian and Moroccan, Thai. We bring spices to every meal providing a twist to dishes such as fried fish or tartare de légumes. As a long-time world travellers, our mental cookbook is infinite. Soups (pumpkin, gazpacho, tom yum) are palate perfect, the squid amazingly spicy, while daily fresh baked bread and naan make you forget you’re eating on a deserted island in Southeast Asia. And not to mention the homemade yoghurt.

The kitchen gets busy as the sun begins to set and the normal kitchen hours close. While Afro-funk and Khmer fusion pour from the speakers, the staff work together to create an enormous spread of fine food from around the world. The evening buffet is much more than the simple name implies. You might find a Japanese  steam style red snapper  fish sashimi, a Spanish todos omelette, a creamy carrot and ginger soup, garlic BBQ’d squid (caught by the neighboring fisherman), a tangerine tajine, a fish tum yum and a fried rice… on the same table in one night.


Our restaurant serves wine, cocktails, beers, soft drink, fresh smoothy, lime juice, homemade ice tea and so much more